Snoreeze Oral Device

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The Snoreeze Oral Device is an anti-snoring mouthpiece that treats sleep apnoea and loud snoring. It works by holding your jaw in the right position to keep your airway open. Larger airway = less snoring.

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The Snoreeze Oral Device treats loud snoring and sleep apnoea, so you and your partner can get a great night’s sleep. The device is similar to a sports mouth guard, with patented boil-and-bite technology to help you mould the device to your teeth.

The Oral Device (unlike ear plugs) solves the root cause of loud snoring – by moving the lower jaw slightly forward. This opens your airway, helping you breathe easily and quietly. It’s also fully adjustable, meaning you can gradually (and comfortably) find the perfect setting to reduce your snoring or sleep apnoea. No more nighttime noise – and no more bleary-eyed 7am arguments.

As well as repairing your relationship, the Oral Device can help you get the deep sleep you need. Sleep apnoea sufferers often never reach the REM stage of sleep that helps you feel refreshed upon waking. There are major benefits for your partner too: lack of sleep can trigger anxiety, depression and high blood pressure. The Oral Device is proven to decrease the volume of snoring by nearly 80%, which is great news for partners in need of a peaceful night.

Pair the Oral Device with our free SoundSleep App to track how much your snoring has reduced. SoundSleep will monitor how loudly and often you snore, as well as analysing any breathing disruptions (like potential apnoeas) throughout the night.

Not sure if it’s the perfect product for you?

The Snoreeze Oral Device is a recommended treatment option for snoring and sleep apnoea by the NHS. It’s especially important to deal with OSA if you suspect you have it – leaving it untreated can raise your risk of stroke, hypertension and diabetes.

We recommend using the Oral Device if: 

You feel sleepy in the daytime

You snore very loudly

Other products haven’t worked

30 day money back guarantee 

If you’re not satisfied with your device, we’ll give you your money back. Simply:

Try the Oral Device for 7 days

If you have any issues, contact us

We’ll give you a refund

Snoring is caused by the soft tissue in the back of the throat vibrating when your airway relaxes during sleep. But in some cases, the airway becomes so narrow that the walls of the airway stick together and close up. This usually happens for around 10-30 seconds at a time, but can occur for longer – sometimes up to 50 times an hour or even more.

When the airway finally opens up again, you might emit a loud, violent snore. This event is known as an apnoea. Throughout the night, your body will constantly come out of deep sleep in order to help you breathe – doctors call this an “arousal”. Though you might not be aware of an arousal, this is what causes you to feel sleepy the next day. Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) can cause serious health problems if left untreated, including risk of stroke, heart disease and hypertension.

The Oral Device works by moving the lower jaw slightly forward. This helps to keep your airway open and allows you to breathe easily and quietly. The device is fully adjustable, letting you alter the treatment setting gradually (and comfortably) to find the perfect setting to reduce your snoring or sleep apnoea. You should always aim for the minimum amount of adjustment needed to treat your symptoms.


If you have visited a dentist in the last 12 months for any treatment you should consult a dentist before using this mouthpiece.

If you are worried that you may be suffering from sleep apnoea, we recommend that you visit your doctor. We always recommend consulting your dentist if you have had 4 or more adult teeth removed or have any dental concerns or issues about using this oral device.

If you have crowns, dentures, or a bridge, we don’t recommend wearing the Oral Device without first consulting your dentist.

If you experience severe pain in your jaw, teeth, or gums that does not subside after discontinuing use of the Oral Device, we recommend that you visit your dentist or doctor.

Discontinue use immediately if:

  • You experience severe pain in your jaw, teeth or gums
  • Your snoring becomes worse
  • You have difficulty breathing while using the Oral Device

We do not recommend using this Oral Device if:

  • You have a severe respiratory disorder, such as asthma or emphysema
  • You are suffering from central sleep apnoea
  • You have been diagnosed with a joint disorder related to the jaw
  • You have severe jaw pain, loose teeth, or advanced periodontal disease
  • You have full or partial dentures that are removed at night, leaving you with few teeth
  • You wear fixed braces or a retainer at night
  • You have a severe overbite (also known as an ‘overjet’, where you upper teeth sit very far in front of your lower teeth)
  • You are under 18 years old

If any of the above apply to you, discontinue use of the Oral Device and seek advice from your dentist.

Use of this Oral Device may cause:

  • Tooth movement or changes to your teeth and jaw which alter your bite and/or dental occlusion over longer-term use
  • Dental sensitivity after removing the Oral Device
  • Gingival (gum) or dental soreness
  • Pain or soreness of the jaw
  • Excessive salivation (which should stop once you get used to wearing the Oral Device)

The Snoreeze Oral Device is BPA and Latex-free.

How does the Snoreeze Oral Device work?

The Snoreeze Oral Device treats sleep apnoea and targets the main cause of snoring. Its adjustable design brings the lower jaw forward to create free space behind your tongue and ensure your airway stays open at night. This clears the obstructed upper airway, allowing air to flow through easily, providing effective relief from sleep apnoea and snoring.

How do I mould the Snoreeze Oral Device?

The Snoreeze Oral Device is a boil-and-bite mouthpiece that can be moulded at home in under 5 minutes. The Oral Device has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible, and the box contains a detailed instruction leaflet with pictures to illustrate each stage of the moulding process. You can find a step-by-step instruction video showing you how to mould and fit your Snoreeze Oral Device perfectly to your mouth below.

Example of a good and bad mould

What if I mould the Snoreeze Oral Device incorrectly or it becomes loose over time?

If you don’t mould your Snoreeze Oral Device correctly, or it becomes loose fitting over time, it’s possible to re-mould the device.  There’s no maximum number of times the Snoreeze Oral Device can be re-moulded. However, as the device is made of plastic, it may start to lose its integrity after the 3rd or 4th time of moulding.  This would be the time to consider purchasing a new one.

How do I adjust the Snoreeze Oral Device?

The Snoreeze Oral Device is adjusted by hand using the screws on each side of the bottom tray. You can find a step-by-step instruction video showing you how to adjust your Snoreeze Oral Device to the correct setting for you below.

Can I use the Snoreeze Oral Device if I have asthma?

We would advise against using the Snoreeze Oral Device if you suffer from a serious respiratory condition such as asthma or emphysema.

Can I use the Snoreeze Oral Device if I have missing teeth/crowns/a bridge/dentures?

This depends on how many missing teeth you have, and which ones they are. A few missing molars at the back of your mouth should be okay, but if you have several front teeth missing you may have problems using the Oral Device. If you have crowns or a bridge, we don’t recommend wearing an Oral Device without first consulting your dentist. This is especially true if you have crowns or a bridge on your front teeth, as these are the teeth that have the most pressure placed on them. For those who wear dentures, the Snoreeze Oral Device can be used if your dentures are kept in the mouth while sleeping.  The Oral Device cannot be used if you have full dentures and these are removed while sleeping. If you wear partial dentures and they are removed at night, then you would need the majority of your front teeth and several of your rear teeth to be able to use the Snoreeze Oral Device. Please consult your dentist or orthodontist if you are unsure about whether the Snoreeze Oral Device is suitable for you.

Can I use the Snoreeze Oral Device instead of my CPAP machine?

Mouthpieces like the Snoreeze Oral Device have been shown to be an effective treatment for mild to moderate sleep apnoea. If you have been prescribed CPAP treatment by your doctor, we don’t advise stopping treatment without first discussing things with them. If you feel you have sleep apnoea, you should speak to a doctor and ask if they think the Snoreeze Oral Device would be suitable for you.

What if the Snoreeze Oral Device does not relieve my obstructive sleep apnoea on the first night?

Many people find that wearing their Oral Device so that their jaw is in its natural position (as you do on the first few nights you use it) is enough to provide relief from sleep apnoea. However, the fitting of the Snoreeze Oral Device is different for everyone.  If after using your Snoreeze Oral Device for 2-3 nights you continue to suffer with sleep apnoea, you should adjust the screws on the Oral Device. These screws are used to adjust the Oral Device equally on both sides, aiming to position the lower jaw in a slightly forward position. You can find a step-by-step instruction video showing you how to adjust your Snoreeze Oral Device to the perfect setting for you here. If your symptoms persist after adjusting the Snoreeze Oral Device gradually to the furthest setting, we would recommend that you visit your doctor. It may be that your problem is severe and requires an alternative treatment.

What if the Snoreeze Oral Device doesn’t work for me?

Occasionally, people experience some discomfort when they first use a mandibular advancement device like the Snoreeze Oral Device. We recommend that you persevere with using the Oral Device for at least a week before deciding to return it, as it sometimes takes this long for your jaw to become accustomed to using the device. If you are wondering whether the side effects you are experiencing are normal, please refer to the product instruction leaflet or contact us. If you purchased your Snoreeze Oral Device less than 30 days ago and have used it for 7 nights, but are still not entirely satisfied, contact us and we will happily refund your purchase.

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