Snoreeze Reviews

My hospital consultant recommended Snoreeze. I have tried three of the products – including the throat spray – and have now purchased the nasal spray too. They are all marvellous. I use my nasal spray in the summer to help me breathe more clearly. All are terrific. Thank you!


This is a brilliant product. I use a snore guard because I grind my teeth and snore, but after a cold I was still snoring. I went to the pharmacist and chose this nasal spray to help me breathe through my nose while asleep. It’s been life changing.


I have used the Snoreeze Oral Device over the past year now and found it easy to fit and use. It has made a difference to my snoring and I would recommend it. It’s easy to adjust and clean and I find sleeping better with it than without it.


“I’ve tried nearly everything for my snoring; two different nose sprays, tape over my mouth, two tennis balls sewn in a shirt so I wasn’t able to sleep on my back, throat laser treatment. Nothing helped. Last week, I bought a Snoreeze Oral Device, and on day one, my snoring app score went from 124 down to 16. Day two took me down to 11, near total silence. Thank you very much.”

Thomas. N

Really dubious at first thinking this was all marketing gumpf. Pleasantly surprised by the difference this device has made. I always thought snoring was just not very nice for others to have to listen to. It turns out I was really tired from years of snoring. Two weeks in and already feeling much better. No sore throats, significant reduction in snoring (almost gone!) and genuinely feeling much more rested. I forgot what feeling ‘normal’ felt like. Recommended to other snorers in my family!


Amazing, worked from night 1, after months of me snoring so loud apparently I’m now silent.

My husband says there’s no more snoring. It’s taking a bit of getting used to wearing, slightly sore on my tongue and aching teeth the next morning but it’s worth it. Would definitely recommend.


The Snoreeze Mandibular Advancement Device is great. Didn’t do the mould right the first time and my teeth hurt but second night remould and adjusted the screws now fits right and I don’t snore as I can sleep in the same room as my partner and we both can get a good night sleep.


I used a CPAP machine- very uncomfortable and bulky. I have used your item, and whilst it has not stopped me snoring completely, it has cut down time and intensity. App on phone very handy too.


I have to say I was very dubious about ordering my snore guard, was it was waste of money?? The answer was NO!! From following the moulding instructions to first use it was easy. I did experience some drooling but as someone with a terrible gag reflex I was dreading how full my mouth would feel. It wasn’t an issue, I’ve used it for nearly a week now, snoring is definitely less and quieter, it’s comfortable to wear and the drooling has gone. I will be ordering more and highly recommend them.


Always my first ‘go to’ shop for snoring issues!!! Competitive pricing & mega fast shipping.


Took a few nights to get used to it but now works great.


Transformed my sleep quality, and even moreso my girlfriend’s! Before Snoreeze I was keeping my girlfriend awake, sleeping poorly and even waking up with ringing ears on the worst-offending nights in my last days as a snorer.

I’d tried side sleeping, mouth tape (different kinds), and good old fashioned prayer: nothing seemed to quieten me down. I tried the oral device as a last resort and immediately wished it had been my first.

The product is easy to fit and to keep clean, and I got used to sleeping with it really quickly- you barely know it’s there after a while. It’s not perfect- I find mine holds my mouth slightly open which dries out my lips, and if I forget to apply lip balm before bed I can have a bad time of taking the mouthpiece out in the morning. I thought about deducting a star, but the impact on my (and my other half’s) sleep quality is more than worth the small inconvenience.

Likewise, I find the product doesn’t last as long as quoted because I grind my teeth- but that can be reframed as “Snoreeze stops me snoring and also saves me from grinding my teeth into dust”. Win-win.

If you’re not sure, just give it a go- 30 quid feels like a big investment until you feel like a brand-new person and mornings are more comfortable for everyone involved!


I have tried other suggestions to stop my snoring but they have all had little or no effect…until I tried snoreeze. It has made a big difference to our lives! I am no longer banished to the spare room!


I’m finding the device great at helping my sleep better and my partner is able to as well! I’m on the subscription service, which sends me a new device twice a year. It would be nice if there was an option for 3 devices a year, as they are knackered before the new one arrives currently.


Only snoring aid I have tried that’s working.


Excellent service, order delivered within 48 hours. product ideal for sleep assistance.


Moulding it was a bit tricky at first, but I just didn’t have warm enough water. It isn’t exactly comfortable, and I am taping my mouth shut as well to avoid drooling. However, the effect is astonishing. The snoring that was causing me massive concern has reduced immensely. Even though it hasn’t stopped completely it is quieter, shorter and less frequent. I am no longer concerned that I might be having trouble breathing, as before using Snoreeze I would hear recordings that sounded like I was trying to breathe through a flattened straw. Now that doesn’t happen. I am yet to play around with the sizing screws, so maybe with some adjustments I’ll eliminate my snoring completely. I am very pleased, and glad I didn’t give up.


Adjustment feature makes all the difference


It’s a miracle cure! We’ve had four perfect nights’ sleep so far – we are so pleased.