Snoreeze Nasal Dilator


Feeling bunged up? Finding it hard to breathe at night? Worst of all, your snoring is getting louder – and your partner isn’t sleeping. Sound familiar?

The Snoreeze Nasal Dilator is here to help.

Each box contains 2 x Dilators.

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Repair your relationship

Boost your mood

Improve your partner’s wellbeing

Protect your health

Wake up feeling refreshed

The Snoreeze Nasal Dilator targets snoring caused by a cold, allergies, or a blocked nose. It instantly opens your nasal passages to help you breathe freely (and help you and your partner get a great night’s sleep). This increased airflow reduces the effects of nasal congestion and snoring, which means no more bleary-eyed 7am arguments about your night-time noise.

As well as helping you get a full night of solid sleep, your partner will also feel the benefits. Lack of sleep often triggers anxiety, depression and high blood pressure: the gift of quiet, uninterrupted sleep can help your partner return to a much happier, healthier place.

The Snoreeze Nasal Dilator is fully adjustable to fit every nose, and an effective non-medicinal option. Not sure if it’s the perfect product for you?

Snoreeze Nasal Dilator could be right for you if:  

You have a blocked nose

You suffer with congestion

You snore when lying on your side as well as on your back

You’ve been diagnosed with a nasal abnormality

You (or your partner) can check how much snoring has reduced by using the Nasal Dilator with the free SoundSleep app. We designed SoundSleep with AI experts from Sheffield University, and it records how loudly and often you snore. Daily and weekly reports track your snoring improvement and help you monitor how well the Nasal Dilator are working for you.

Colds and allergies are a common cause of snoring. Along with seasonal allergies, many people also have an allergic reaction to bed dust/mites that they are unaware of.

When nasal tissue swells during a cold (or allergic reaction), the airflow through the nose becomes blocked or restricted. This congestion narrows your airway, forcing the air you breathe to travel faster and further dehydrate the tissue. This may force you to breathe through your mouth – and this can lead to a dry mouth, and snoring.

The Snoreeze Nasal Dilator targets this type of snoring. Worn inside the nose, the dilator has two soft loops that gently expand your airways. This increased airflow helps to reduce the effects of nasal congestion and snoring, allowing you to breathe freely. Each loop can be independently adjusted to achieve the most effective, comfortable fit.


The Nasal Dilator may not be suitable for you if:

  • You have a serious septum deviation
  • You have nasal polyps
  • You have a nose piercing(s)
  • You are suffering from nasal vestibulitis (nasal infection)
  • You suffer from regular nosebleeds, or have recently had a nosebleed

If you have any of the above conditions, you should consult a healthcare professional before using the Nasal Dilator.

Discontinue use immediately if:

  • You have difficulty breathing while wearing the dilator
  • You experience severe pain at any point while using the dilator
  • The dilator triggers nosebleeds


  • The Snoreeze Nasal Dilator is for single patient use – don’t share it with others
  • Don’t use the dilator if it’s broken or damaged in any way
  • The dilator is not suitable for children under the age of 12
  • Choking/swallowing hazard – keep out of reach of children under the age of 3

Please note: There is no guaranteed ‘cure’ for snoring. However, the Snoreeze Nasal Dilator can relieve the symptoms of snoring to help provide a peaceful night’s sleep for you and your partner. The Snoreeze Nasal Dilator is not a cure for sleep apnoea (a related respiratory medical condition).

You may be suffering from sleep apnoea if you stop breathing during sleep, wake up tired or fall asleep easily during the day.
If you experience any of these symptoms, we recommend that you consult your doctor.


Medical-grade plastic.

How does the Snoreeze Nasal Dilator work?

The Snoreeze Nasal Dilator has two soft loops that gently expand your airways. This increased airflow helps to reduce the effects of nasal congestion and snoring.

Is it safe to use the Snoreeze Nasal Dilator every night?

Yes. The dilator is a drug-free, non-medicinal option and is safe to use every night.

Can I use several different Snoreeze products together?

Yes. Different combinations of oral and nasal Snoreeze products can work together to help stop your snoring.

Can I use the Snoreeze Nasal Dilator if I suffer from asthma or any other respiratory problems?

We recommend that you consult your doctor before using the Nasal Dilator if you have asthma or other respiratory problems.

What do I do if the product doesn’t work?

Snoring is a complicated problem with many different causes. This is why the Snoreeze range consists of so many products: to try and provide a product suited to every snorer. If you use a Snoreeze product and find that it does not relieve your snoring, it might be that you would be more suited to another product in the range. Make sure to read the detailed product descriptions provided on the website before making a product choice. If you’re still having issues, you can contact our customer service team who will help you with any concerns.

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