Snoreeze Nasal Dilator

What is a nasal dilator?

You may be reading this because congestion causes you to snore. Or maybe you’re looking to try a different snoring relief product. We’re excited to share that a new product is joining our range – the Snoreeze Nasal Dilator. So how can a dilator help combat your night-time noise?

Snoring with congestion

First of all, nasal dilators are designed to target snoring caused by a blocked nose, cold, or allergies. When nasal tissue swells during a cold (or allergic reaction), the airflow through the nose becomes blocked or restricted. This congestion narrows your airway, forcing the air you breathe to travel faster and dehydrate the tissue. This may force you to breathe through your mouth – and this can lead to a dry mouth, and snoring.

Typical signs of snoring with congestion:

  • You have a blocked nose
  • You suffer with congestion
  • You sleep with your mouth open
  • You’ve been diagnosed with a nasal abnormality
  • You have allergies (including seasonal)

Unblocking your nose can drastically reduce snoring. A nasal dilator is the perfect product to open your nasal passages.

How do nasal dilators work?

Nasal dilators are a great option for those who snore as a result of nasal congestion (or those who are multifactorial snorers – snoring for a combination of reasons, such as congestion and dehydrated throat tissue).

Nasal dilators instantly open your nasal passages to help you breathe freely. Some dilators come with a trial pack as they’re made in various sizes, and you’ll need to find the size that works for you. This can often mean you end up buying a pack with leftover sizes that don’t fit. However, the Snoreeze Nasal Dilator is fully adjustable and designed to fit all nose sizes. It has two soft loops that gently expand your airways. This increased airflow helps to reduce the effects of nasal congestion and snoring. Each loop can be independently adjusted to achieve the most effective, comfortable fit.

A nasal dilator doesn’t just help to reduce snoring, it also provides the benefits that come with nasal breathing.

What is nasal breathing?

When was the last time you stopped and thought about how you breathe? As we go about our day, we rarely give a thought to our breathing technique.

Our bodies are designed to breathe nasally. When we breathe through the nose, we’re filtering the oxygen before it enters the lungs. Your nose hairs filter out allergens, dust, and other foreign particles from reaching your lungs. It’s estimated that our nose hairs protect our bodies from about 20 billion particles of foreign matter each day.

Nasal breathing also humidifies the air you breathe in. This allows it to adjust to your body temperature, helping the lungs be more productive. When you release nasal breath, it releases nitric oxide. This helps expand blood vessels, and is beneficial for the circulation of oxygen in your body.

If you’re suffering from congestion or nasal blockages, you may find yourself breathing through your mouth. However if you breathe in this way, it doesn’t filter the air as it would with your nose. It also brings unwanted side effects like tooth decay, bad breath, and snoring.

A nasal dilator doesn’t just help reduce snoring, it can help you breathe easier, and you’ll reap the benefits of nasal breathing.

Pros and cons of using a nasal dilator to help stop snoring


  • Reduces snoring. The dilator expands your airways helping you to breathe easier, sleep better, and snore less.
  • Easy to use. Quick and simple to insert.
  • Instantly opens nasal passages. There’s no waiting around wondering when it’ll start working.
  • Reusable. Most dilators can be worn every night.
  • A non-medicinal option. Drug-free snoring relief with no side effects.


  • Requires thorough cleaning. As you’re using the dilator every day, it needs to be cleaned regularly to maintain hygiene.
  • Can take time to get used to. It might take some people a little while to get used to wearing a dilator at night. Try inserting it for short periods during the day to help you become accustomed to it.

Use your dilator alongside an app

Nasal dilators can be used alongside SoundSleep, a free app that records and tracks your snoring. Get nightly reports to help you discover causes, factors and solutions to your night-time noise. These reports will help you monitor the difference that the dilator is making – you can hear the proof for yourself the next morning.

To find out more about the Snoreeze Nasal Dilator, click here.


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