Ever wondered what your snoring sounds like? Here’s how to listen

Have you ever wondered if you snore at night? Many people with partners know that they do – all thanks to a prod in the side, or the inevitable grumbling from their spouse the following morning. But if you sleep alone, it can be much harder to tell. That’s why we’ve developed SoundSleep; an app that records how loudly and often you snore, providing you with free, personalised snoring reports.


How does it work?

  • Start by downloading the app. You can download SoundSleep for your iOS device via the Apple app store.
  • Fill out your details. Open the app, and fill out some basic information: your age, weight, height. (These are all important factors that link to snoring.)
  • Start your analysis. When you go to bed, place your phone face down on a nearby surface with the microphone pointing towards you. The app will detect any snores you make in the night.
  • Check your report. In the morning, SoundSleep will generate a report that tells you how often and loudly you snored. You can use these reports to track and manage your sleep health, helping you to reduce your snoring.


Why is it important to track my sleep health?

Snoring doesn’t only affect your health – it can also affect the health of your bed partner too. Studies show that many partners of snorers suffer with mental and physical conditions often caused by lack of sleep. These include depression, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, gastro-intestinal complaints, pain and fatigue.

Snoring is also one of the first symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) – a serious condition that can affect your quality of sleep and your overall health. It causes your airway to temporarily close, stopping you from being able to breathe. Throughout the night, your body will constantly ‘wake itself up’ to a lighter stage of sleep in order to help you breathe; this is why many people with OSA feel so tired the following day.

If you suspect you might be suffering from OSA, SoundSleep will link you to useful tools that will help assess your OSA risk. These include:

  • STOP-Bang score. A questionnaire that analyses how loudly you snore and how tired you feel. It also looks at your night-time breathing patterns, and takes high blood pressure into account.
  • Epworth Sleepiness Scale. A screening questionnaire for excessive sleepiness. This indicates the probability of a sleep disorder.


How will SoundSleep help reduce my snoring?

SoundSleep is designed to be used alongside snoring relief treatments. You can track how well your snoring relief works by logging it in the app, and monitoring the difference it makes. Your snoring reports will show how often you snored in the morning.

SoundSleep also has some special features to help manage snoring using a mandibular adjustment device (MAD). The app helps you get the best from your Snoreeze Oral Device by allowing you to:

  • Note your oral device’s adjustment setting
  • Log how refreshed you felt after waking
  • Listen to any snores from the night before
  • Track how well your device is working for you.


Why should I pick SoundSleep instead of another snoring app?

Other snoring apps simply measure sound level; they count many noises in the bedroom as “snores”. SoundSleep’s innovative, machine-learning algorithm has been trained to recognise the unique acoustic features of snores, making its reports more accurate.


For more information about SoundSleep, visit the website by clicking here. You can download the app by clicking here.




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