5 Reasons to Use a Throat Spray/Oral Strips to Treat Snoring

Snoring is a surprisingly common issue – around 42% of the adult population are thought to snore. But many people don’t do anything about it, and this can lead to more serious health problems.

Alzheimer’s, diabetes and sleep apnoea are just a few of the conditions linked to snoring. Despite how many people suffer from it, it’s not normal to snore. Dealing with the issue can improve your health, and help your partner get a better night’s sleep.

Why do I snore?

When we sleep, our airways relax and narrow. If the airway narrows too much, fast-travelling air is pulled through the airway, causing the soft tissue in the back of our throats to become dehydrated and vibrate. This sound is called snoring.

There are plenty of reasons why snoring starts. Age, medication and pregnancy all play a part, as do smoking, alcohol and weight gain.

How do I stop snoring?

Changing your lifestyle can help reduce the risk of snoring. Losing weight and cutting down on alcohol can make a big difference.

There are also effective products that can provide you with snoring relief. Snoreeze Throat Spray and Snoreeze Oral Strips target the main cause of snoring: the vibration of soft tissue in the back of your throat. If you find that you’re snoring loudly, you don’t have a blocked nose, and it doesn’t make a difference whether you’re sleeping on your back or side, this is probably the cause of your snoring.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Snoreeze Oral Strips/Throat Spray to Treat Snoring

  1. They treat the problem directly. The Snoreeze Throat Spray and Oral Strips immediately target the soft tissue in the back of your throat. This is the part that becomes dehydrated and vibrates, creating the snoring noise.
  2. They tone and lubricate your throat. Both products hydrate the soft tissue, allowing air to easily and quietly pass through your airway.
  3. They contain time-release formulations. Both are proven to be effective for up to 8 hours.
  4. Each product contains natural ingredients. Unlike other snoring relief aids, the Snoreeze Throat Spray and Oral Strips contain no synthetic ingredients.
  5. The Snoreeze Throat Spray provides up to 50 nights of snoring relief. The Oral Strips are also available in a 14 and 28 night pack.


April 23rd – 29th marks National Stop Snoring Week. To celebrate, we’re offering a 10% discount on Snoreeze Throat Spray and 15% off Snoreeze Oral Strips.




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