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The Snoreeze Oral Device is an anti-snoring mouthpiece that treats sleep apnoea and loud snoring. It works by holding your jaw in the right position to keep your airway open. Larger airway = less snoring.

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Repair your relationship and sleep beside your partner again

Regain your energy from the first night of wear

Improve your health: breathe easily with an NHS-recommended treatment option

Wake up feeling refreshed

Why you should use the Snoreeze Oral Device

Better breathing

Breathing disruptions during sleep can be seriously harmful to your health. The Snoreeze Oral Device helps you breathe easily and stops you feeling tired during the day.

Happy partner

Your snoring can negatively affect your partner’s health by depriving them of sleep. The Snoreeze Oral Device allows you to sleep peacefully in the same bed again.

An NHS-recommended treatment option

The NHS recommends using oral devices to treat loud snoring and mild-to-moderate sleep apnoea for better health and sleep.

Europe’s No.1 Oral Device

Snoreeze is Europe’s No.1 snoring relief brand with over 25 years of snoring expertise.

How the Snoreeze Oral Device works

Stop snoring in 4 easy steps


Submerge the device in boiling water to utilise the device’s boil-and-bite technology.


Place the device into your mouth and bite down to create a custom impression; all the benefits of a professionally-fitted mouth guard without the expensive cost.


Turn the screw mechanism to find the perfect setting for treating your sleep apnoea or snoring. This will move your lower jaw forward, opening your airway for easier breathing and quiet sleep.


Breathe better and get an uninterrupted night’s sleep. Wake up feeling refreshed with a happy partner that slept just as peacefully as you.

Larger airway = less snoring

Customer reviews

“My hospital consultant recommended Snoreeze. I have tried three of the products – including the throat spray – and have now purchased the nasal spray too. They are all marvellous. I use my nasal spray in the summer to help me breathe more clearly. All are terrific. Thank you!”

OD user

“I’ve tried nearly everything for my snoring; two different nose sprays, tape over my mouth, two tennis balls sewn in a shirt so I wasn’t able to sleep on my back, throat laser treatment. Nothing helped. Last week, I bought a Snoreeze Oral Device, and on day one, my snoring app score went from 124 down to 16. Day two took me down to 11, near total silence. Thank you very much.”

OD user

“After attending various GP/apnoea clinics and trying all the various snoring aids on the market at great expense, I can honestly say the Snoreeze oral device is by far the most effective on the market. This device is the closest to eliminating snoring. The device offers up to 180 nights of use which I can’t argue with. Worthwhile investment for sure.”

OD user

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Make a change and feel the difference

It’s important to do something if you snore – it’s often the first indicator of obstructive sleep apnoea, a condition where you stop breathing during sleep. This can increase your chances of heart disease and stroke. It also stops you from getting the restorative REM sleep you need, causing you to feel tired throughout the day.

The Snoreeze Oral Device helps to keep your airway open while you sleep so you can breathe easily and quietly.

Most device users notice a considerable improvement in their sleep and health from the very first night.

Track your snoring
and breathing

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30 day money back

We’re confident that you’ll sleep better with the Snoreeze Oral Device. That’s why we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you experience any issues at all, get in touch and we’ll do our best to help. If we can’t solve your problem, we’ll refund 100% of your money.

Frequently asked questions

The Snoreeze Oral Device treats sleep apnoea and targets the main cause of snoring. Its adjustable design brings the lower jaw forward to create free space behind your tongue and ensure your airway stays open at night. This clears the obstructed upper airway, allowing air to flow through easily, providing effective relief from sleep apnoea and snoring.

The Snoreeze Oral Device is a boil-and-bite mouthpiece that can be moulded at home in under 5 minutes. The Oral Device has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible, and the box contains a detailed instruction leaflet with pictures to illustrate each stage of the moulding process. You can find a step-by-step instruction video showing you how to mould and fit your Snoreeze Oral Device here.

The Snoreeze Oral Device is adjusted by hand using the screws on each side of the bottom tray. You can find a step-by-step instruction video showing you how to adjust your Snoreeze Oral Device to the correct setting for you here.

We would advise against using the Snoreeze Oral Device if you suffer from a serious respiratory condition such as asthma or emphysema.

This depends on how many missing teeth you have, and which ones they are. A few missing molars at the back of your mouth should be okay, but if you have several front teeth missing you may have problems using the Oral Device. If you have crowns or a bridge, we don’t recommend wearing an Oral Device without first consulting your dentist. This is especially true if you have crowns or a bridge on your front teeth, as these are the teeth that have the most pressure placed on them. For those who wear dentures, the Snoreeze Oral Device can be used if your dentures are kept in the mouth while sleeping.  The Oral Device cannot be used if you have full dentures and these are removed while sleeping. If you wear partial dentures and they are removed at night, then you would need the majority of your front teeth and several of your rear teeth to be able to use the Snoreeze Oral Device. Please consult your dentist or orthodontist if you are unsure about whether the Snoreeze Oral Device is suitable for you.

Mouthpieces like the Snoreeze Oral Device have been shown to be an effective treatment for mild to moderate sleep apnoea. If you have been prescribed CPAP treatment by your doctor, we don’t advise stopping treatment without first discussing things with them. If you feel you have sleep apnoea, you should speak to a doctor and ask if they think the Snoreeze Oral Device would be suitable for you.

Occasionally, people experience some discomfort when they first use a mandibular advancement device like the Snoreeze Oral Device. We recommend that you persevere with using the Oral Device for at least a week before deciding to return it, as it sometimes takes this long for your jaw to become accustomed to using the device. If you are wondering whether the side effects you are experiencing are normal, please refer to the product instruction leaflet or contact us. If you purchased your Snoreeze Oral Device less than 30 days ago and have used it for 7 nights, but are still not entirely satisfied, we will happily refund your purchase.

Please email our customer service team at who will be able to help you further.