Snoreeze Snorgo

Daytime Muscle Trainer

The Snorgo is a muscle trainer to be used during the day. It works by strengthening the muscles of the pharynx (the space behind your nose and mouth). By strengthening these muscles, the airway is less likely to lose its shape. This reduces your risk of snoring. Use in combination with the Snoreeze night-time range for effective, long-lasting snoring relief.

Get even more from your Snorgo by downloading the SoundSleep App. Track your progress with nightly reports that monitor changes to your snoring and breathing disruptions.

If you’re in any doubt about your suitability to use the Snorgo, please talk to a medical professional.

How to use your Snorgo

It can take several weeks before you see results as the muscles of your pharnyx need time to strengthen. For optimal effect, complete the Snorgo exercise sets daily for 2 months. We know it can be hard to persevere, but keep going!

Combine Snorgo with our night-time product range

The Snoreeze Snorgo is designed to reduce snoring. We recommend combining the Snorgo with a product in our night-time range for effective, long-lasting snoring relief.

How to clean your Snorgo

1. After use, rinse with water.

2. Store in the box by gently pushing the edge of the handle in. Keep the box clean by rinsing with water.

3. Neither the product nor the box reacts to mouthwash, so these can also be used to help keep it clean if you prefer.

Do not put in mouth if Snorgo smells different, shows mould or residue, or is dirty.

Replace your Snorgo every 12 months. With meticulous cleaning, it may last longer.

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