Tailored treatment for loud snoring and mild-to-moderate sleep apnoea (OSA)


Introducing the Digital Sleep Apnoea Device

(D-SAD) from Panthera Dental – one of the world’s most sophisticated oral device therapies brought to you in partnership with Snoreeze.

  • Fully customised using cutting-edge CAD/CAM technology
  • Digitally designed and 3D-printed to perfectly fit the shape of your mouth
  • Fitted and adjusted by a qualified dentist
  • 3-year breakage warranty
  • Made from medical-grade nylon that can last years with good care
  • Adjustable in 0.5mm increments for optimal airflow and reduction of OSA symptoms

Before ordering, you’ll need to complete an assessment to check your OSA risk. If you’re classed as low risk, or your risk is currently being managed, we’ll send an invitation to place your D-SAD order from our website. We’ll also introduce you to a local qualified dentist (separate fees apply) who will:

Check you’re dentally suitable for oral device therapy ​

Take impressions or scans so the device can be made to fit your mouth precisely

​Fit the device, help with adjustment, and check for any side effects​​

If the assessment indicates you’re high risk, we’ll ask you to complete a Home Sleep Apnoea Test (HSAT) to make sure that an oral device is the most appropriate treatment. ​

How it works


  1. ​Speak to a product specialist who will send you an OSA screening questionnaire. ​
  2. Download the SoundSleep app and use it to analyse your breathing. ​​
  3. Screenshot your SoundSleep reports.​
  4. Complete the questionnaire and upload your screenshots.​
  5. Receive the assessment result explaining if your OSA risk is low or high ​(if you are already using an oral device, this will be taken into consideration when providing a recommendation, and should be indicated during your consultation).



We’ll send you a direct link to purchase the D-SAD device on our website. We’ll then introduce you to a qualified dentist in your area who will assess your teeth and take dental impressions. Your dentist will advise which D-SAD model (the X3 or the Classic) is most suitable for you. Within 10 days, the device will arrive at the dental surgery ready for your fitting appointment. The dentist will help adjust the device to an effective position or show you how to adjust it at home. ​

Because dentists have different hourly rates, their fees for this service will vary – but most are likely to charge between £400-600 for the four necessary appointments. Once you have your D-SAD, you can check its effectiveness using the SoundSleep app. You can also visit your dentist again to check comfort and adjust the device if needed.​



To assess how much OSA is affecting your sleep, we’ll send you a direct link to purchase a Home Sleep Apnoea Test (HSAT) from our website. Your breathing, heart rate and blood oxygen will be assessed using a multi-channel device called SOMNOtouch. You’ll wear this for 2 nights while using an app to record your breathing. You’ll also complete a longer questionnaire looking more broadly at your sleep and health. The data will be reviewed by Dr Sriram Iyer or Dr Ari Manuel, leading consultant sleep physicians who will make a diagnosis and advise whether an oral device is an appropriate first-line treatment. Our support team will send you the report and answer any questions.​

If one of our clinicians advises that an oral device isn’t an appropriate treatment for you, they may recommend different steps or treatments via NHS or private medical providers. These options will be explained to you. Typically, the first-line treatment for moderate/severe OSA is CPAP. ​

Fully customised

The Panthera D-SAD is fully customised using cutting-edge CAD/CAM technology. Each one is digitally designed and 3D-printed to perfectly fit the shape of your mouth with minimum bulk and plenty of tongue space. This allows maximum airflow and comfort. Because the device is accurately moulded to the undercuts of your teeth, it will also stay securely in place throughout the night.

Durable and long-lasting

D-SAD devices are made from durable medical-grade nylon. This means that D-SADs are resistant to tooth grinding and have a 3-year breakage warranty. With good oral hygiene and regular cleaning using an anti-bacterial solution, they can last a lot longer.

Choice of model

There are two D-SAD models, each suited to different types of mouth: the Classic and the X3. Both allow free jaw movement so you can speak, drink, and close your mouth with a lip seal (which stops your mouth becoming too dry). The dentist will advise which D-SAD model is most appropriate for you.

Easily adjustable

Both D-SAD models are easily adjusted in 0.5mm increments, allowing the jaw to advance slowly to a position where snoring and OSA symptoms are alleviated.

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