What is the Snoreeze LabFit Oral Device?

The Snoreeze LabFit is a premium, bespoke oral device developed for the treatment of loud snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea.

Custom-made oral devices are a professional treatment option used by dentists, offering a more discreet and slimmer fit than regular mouthpieces. Oral devices work by holding your jaw in the right position while you sleep, opening your airway and helping you breathe properly.

The LabFit is created from your unique dental impressions and designed to fit your mouth perfectly. As well as offering superior comfort and retention, the LabFit can be easily adjusted to find the perfect treatment setting. This personal tailoring makes it easy to use every single night, which is great news for snorers: wearing an oral device consistently is where you’ll see positive long-term results.

A bespoke, perfect fit

  • Tailor-made for you. Every LabFit oral device is personalised to give a perfect fit. This bespoke tailoring makes the device easier to wear than a standard self-fit oral device. Boil-and-bite devices are designed for the average mouth: issues like having a smaller mouth or an underbite can often be solved by using a LabFit.
  • Comfort is key. When it comes to oral devices, comfort is important. Consistent nightly use leads to long-term results that can help you breathe more freely and stop snoring. The LabFit is our most comfortable device to date, offering a compact, slimmer design.
  • Fully adjustable. The Snoreeze LabFit is adjustable, with easy-to-turn screws that allow you to move the bottom tray a little at a time. This will help you find the perfect setting to treat your snoring or sleep apnoea.
  • Excellent retention. The LabFit offers great dental retention, fitting closely to your teeth. This means it’s less likely to fall out of your mouth, or cause irritation.
  • Dual-layer. A soft inner layer provides comfort, whilst a durable outer-layer protects against wear and tear.
  • Transparent and discreet. With its slim design, others may not even realize you’re wearing an oral device.

Creating your Snoreeze LabFit oral device

The LabFit process is simple. After placing your order, a dental impression kit will be sent out to you. The kit will include trays for your top and bottom teeth, and putty for you to make a mould of your mouth. ​For simple step-by-step video instructions on how to make a LabFit dental impression, click here.

As soon as your impressions are returned, we’ll immediately start to work on your LabFit oral device. You’ll have the final product within 10 working days.

Ready for a good night’s sleep?

Visit the LabFit webpage for more information and helpful advice. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us via the website LiveChat, or the Snoreeze contact form.




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