Can snoring and a lack of sleep ruin your relationship?

A major strain in a lot of relationships is the disruption to sleep caused by a partner’s snoring. For those with a snoring significant other, it becomes difficult to enjoy enough hours of quality sleep.

As with anybody who is sleep deprived, they become irritated with their partner, but also with other family, friends, and colleagues. Blaming the snorer is the only option for someone who is exhausted – and this heaps even more tension onto the relationship.


The Consequences

Poor sleep caused by snoring damages several aspects of a relationship, such as:

  • Intimacy. Sleeping in separate beds means less time spent close together, which can weaken a couple’s bond.
  • Solidity. Frustration towards your partner when they snore can make it difficult for you to spend time with them.
  • Trust. When your partner becomes a source of irritation, talking to them about your personal problems becomes harder.

And it isn’t just the non-snorer that suffers. It’s easy to simply criticise your partner for their snoring –  but snoring can lead to more serious health issues like sleep apnoea, which causes shallow breathing or a lack of breath during periods of sleep. The condition links to a range of health problems like heart attacks and strokes, and affects around 6% of adults. If you suspect you or your partner have sleep apnoea, visit your doctor as soon as possible. For more information on sleep apnoea, click here.


Making a Difference

It’s clear that snoring can ruin relationships; it’s cited as a reason for divorce thousands of times a year in Britain. When snoring is such a problem in a relationship that you’re considering separation – even just sleeping in separate beds – you know you need to act. Although encouraging a partner to treat their snoring can seem impossible at times, the benefits will flood through when they decide to make a difference. Getting a good night’s sleep not only benefits your mental and physical health, but it will also benefit your relationship.

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