Although people can snore at any age, those over 35 are at an increased risk of snoring. 

As you get older, muscle tone decreases all over your body, including your throat.  You may find that you no longer have the muscle tone needed to keep the upper airway open properly during the night to prevent the vibration of soft tissue in your throat.

What can you do?

With age, muscular tension will gradually decrease. However, you can take action to ensure muscular tension does not decrease any further than nature intends.

  • Try to exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet; being overweight by only a few kilograms can increase the risk of you snoring considerably.
  • Limit the amount of alcohol you drink and avoid smoking where possible as these are both risk factors associated with snoring.  

Here's a range of products that could help...

Snoreeze has a range of products that both tone and lubricate the soft tissue in the throat to help provide effective snoring relief for those who snore because of relaxed muscle tension.

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