AudiClean Ear Cleansing Wash

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Effective, clinically-proven method to disperse ear wax

AudiClean is a gentle ear cleansing solution, suitable for use by the whole family. It’s an effective and clinically proven method to disperse ear wax and a safe alternative to cotton bud use.



How does AudiClean Ear Cleansing Wash work?

Audiclean is a gentle ear cleansing solution, suitable for use by the whole family. It’s an effective and clinically-proven method to disperse ear wax and a safe alternative to cotton bud use.

When used 2 to 3 times a week as part of your personal care routine, Audiclean helps prevent wax build-up and keeps ears refreshingly clean and clear. Audiclean is made from 100% Sea Serum™, which is a naturally derived isotonic solution with no preservatives. The Sea Serum™ is created from purified seawater taken from the Mont Saint-Michel Bay in France. This patented filtration process cleanses the water but leaves beneficial minerals and bicarbonates, ensuring the solution is safe for regular use and remains sterile between applications.

Allow at least 10 days of regular use to adapt to the refreshing experience of Audiclean that gives your ears a new feeling of cleanliness.

Audiclean works in 3 ways:

  • Cleanses the ear canal safely and effectively
  • Helps prevent the formation of wax plugs
  • Disperses ear wax and helps extract obstructive wax plugs
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For best results, use once a day for just 10 days, then 2-3 times a week.

For ease of use, use Audiclean in the shower or bath. If prone to dizziness, use Audiclean whilst sitting down.

  1. Gently insert nozzle into ear, while keeping head upright; depress for 1 second
  2. Leave solution in ear for 10 seconds. In case of excessive wax production, leave product to act for 10 minutes. Repeat procedure up to 4 times if necessary
  3. Tilt the head to drain the solution
  4. Dry outer ear with a clean towel or tissue
  5. Repeat the process for the other ear


  • Store and use AudiClean at room temperature between 68’F and 77’F to avoid a cold sensation.
  • If you are prone to dizziness, steady yourself by using AudiClean whilst seated in a chair.
  • Do not insert any objects (cotton buds, pen etc) into ears before or after using AudiClean.
  • In the case of a persistent sensation of a blocked ear, stop using the product and promptly consult an ear, nose and throat specialist.
  • Do not use if you have ear pain, an ear infection, swimmer’s ear, an eardrum perforation, pressure-equalizing tubes (PETs/grommets), balance disorders, had ear surgery or if you have a foreign item in the ear or a hard and/or obstructive ear wax blockage (indicated by difficulty hearing, pain, ringing noise, feeling of blockage, temporary deafness after swimming or shower). If you are diabetic or have immunosuppression issues, consult a medical practitioner before use.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not use after expiry date printed on packaging.
  • Do not use if the packaging has lost its original appearance.


100% Sea Serum™, comprising natural, chemical-free, pH-balanced, isotonic seawater, sterile formula and rich in bicarbonates.

How does AudiClean Ear Cleansing Wash work?

AudiClean loosens ear wax for easy removal. Under the effect of sea water minerals (anions and cations) and in particular bicarbonates, AudiClean promotes the disassociation and disintegration of fatty components of ear wax. It also promotes the natural evacuation of wax and skin flakes towards the entrance of the ear canal.

What comes in the box?

  • 115ml bottle without propellant gas to prevent any risk of dizziness.
  • An otoscope shaped ear nozzle (registered trademark) for pleasant and easy use to preserve the integrity of the eardrum.

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Case study

Diane had a problem with blocked ears

"I buy this spray regularly as it's safe and natural.

I used to have problems with my ears blocking up and this is a great way to clean them out twice a month as a prevention method. AudiClean spray is the only home solution that I have found to safely and quickly unblock ears."