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Bank Holiday may bring some relief to hay fever snorers


August Bank Holiday weekend marks the end of the British summer.  But ‘Indian Summers’ increasingly likely, snorers with hay fever still need help to sleep through the late summer nights.

Hay fever makes your Spring and Summer snoring worse

Spring-season hay fevers are generally caused by an allergy to tree pollen.  Summer hay fevers are commonly due to an allergy to grass pollen.

When microscopic pollen particles are breathed in, your immune system identifies them as potentially dangerous.  To keep the invaders out, your airways close up and fill with sticky mucous causing flu-like congestion.

Sleeping allergy-suffers struggle to breathe.  Trying to force air through narrow, congested airways causes the harsh rasping noise of snoring.

Indian Summers – A new season of allergies to aggravate your snoring

Weed pollens appear later in the year, rather than tree and grass pollens.  Ragweed, dock, mug wort, nettle, plantain and others shed their allergy-causing pollen well into late summer.

Climate change means more late season Indian Summers and more weeds thriving and shedding pollen well into the early autumn.

Enjoy a ate summer with a Snoreeze solution to your hay fever snoring

Snoring is a symptom of sleep-disordered breathing caused by collapsed or congested airways and made worse if you suffer late summer hay fever.

Reducing your exposure to late summer pollen helps ease your late summer snoring problem.  Keeping windows closed, drying bedding only indoors, frequent vacuuming and wearing a pollen filter mark might not be practical for you.

Snoreeze products offer an easier way to relieve the symptoms of hay fever aggravated snoring.  Natural peppermint extracts, menthols and eucalyptus oils in Snoreeze oral strips, nasal and throat sprays and rinses reduce allergic inflammation and swelling, re-opening congested airways.

 Let Snoreeze help you enjoy an Indian Summer with a weekend of easy breathing and restful, snore-free nights.




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