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Choosing the right product for you!


Snoreeze Snoring Relief Products

Choosing the right treatment to solve your snoring problem

What Should You Expect Them To Do For You?

Reduce Snoring Loudness

Snoring relief means reducing the vibration in airways of the nose and throat that is amplified in the space at the back of your throat.

Increased Natural Rehydration

Stimulating the delicate lining of your airways to re-hydrate prevents the shrinking that makes more space for amplifying the vibrations.

Long Lasting Relief

By locking in the moisture of rehydration, further drying is prevented assuring  you of up to 8 hours relief. Delivery of active ingredients to where they are most effective

Snoreeze moisture restoring spherulites naturally seek out your delicate airway lining even when it is covered with dried mucous.

 Soothing Lubrication of Dried Airways

Restored hydration reduces the stickiness of the lining of your airways relieving feelings of rough dryness preventing dry, sore skin from rubbing.

 Which Snoreeze treatment should I use for my snoring?

 For congested nasal breathing and allergy related snoring;

Snoreeze Nasal Spray and Nasal Strips eases snoring caused by a cold, allergies or a blocked nose.  Natural active ingredients open your nasal airways for effective snoring relief for up to 8 hours.

 Dry throat and back of the throat related snoring – the regular snorer;

Snoreeze Throat Spray’s long lasting action targets the main cause of snoring by penetration the dry mucous that coats your airways during sleep.  It rehydrates, soothes and lubricates the delicate skin at the back of your throat for up to 8 hours.

 Loud, Sudden and violent intermittent snoring;

Violent and intermittent snoring several times a night may be more disturbing to your partner than to you.  Day time sleepiness might also be a sign that you may have the sleep related breathing disorder, sleep apnoea.  Your doctor will be best to lead you through the available treatments including the Snoreeze Oral Device.  Fitting to your bite like a sports gum shield, the adjustable design gently positions your jaw in a slightly forward position helping to clear the obstructed airways and maintain your normal, healthy breathing.

Some snoring is difficult to label or tie down to a particular time or cause.  It might be you only snore when you have a cold, had too good a night out, sleep in a strange bed or place.  There might be a number of factors causing your snoring but they are made worse by nasal congestion and dryness in the throat.

 A combination of  Snoreeze throat spray and nasal spray will provide relief from both the rehydration and congestion that contribute to the multiple causes of snoring.

 Snoreeze snoring relief aids offer a complete range of effective products to help you stop snoring and are tailored to the way you snore and the way you live.


*Sleep apnoea is a common disorder in which you have one or more pauses in breathing or shallow breaths while you sleep. Breathing pauses can last from a few seconds to minutes. They may occur 30 times or more an hour. Typically, normal breathing then starts again, sometimes with a loud snort or choking sound.  If you suspect you have OSA, we recommend you see your doctor.





Snoring - Its definitely you and it is your problem!


Snoring: It’s Not Me It’s Definitely You, And Your Problem!

 Problem snoring is easily solved when both halves of a couple act as one and this is the best way forward.  However, the nightly snoring of one half of a bed-sharing couple can all too easily become ‘someone else’s problem’ an SEP.  For the snorer, who might well sleep through the whole night undisturbed, it is not a problem for them.  While for the non-sleeping, non-snorer, their partner’s snoring may disturb them but is not their problem to solve either.

 A double SEP, and they are both wrong. That’s because, like every problem in a relationship, snoring is a shared problem that won’t get sorted until both partners see it that way.

If you have been there, then your sympathy might be with the sleep deprived non-snorer. But you have to feel something for the partner who snores unaware. Snorers are not encouraged to admit they snore; and who can blame them? Snorers get such bad press. The media portrays snorers as the worst combination of old, lazy and ignorant. Yet the truth is that more than half of us do snore.

 What most snorers do not realise is the damage snoring could be doing to their own health, even while they sleep on regardless. Snoring is a symptom of sleep disordered breathing. This could be caused by anything from a seasonal or persistent allergy – such as hay fever or a reaction to feather pillows, to sleep apnoea – when normal breathing temporarily ceases entirely.   Interruptions in sleep time breathing cause oxygen starvation. Researchers are increasingly convinced that repeat events of oxygen starvation increase your risk of serious diseases including high blood pressure, heart failure, type 2 diabetes, stroke and dementia.

The health of one partner in a relationship is quite definitely not an SEP.  What’s more, the sleep deprivation inflicted on the non-snoring partner can have similar long-term health implications for the non-snorer.

 So what can be done?

Well, maybe the first step is for each partner to set aside their own interests and make the wellbeing of the other their primary concern. The non-snorer might help the snorer counter the health risks of persistent oxygen deprivation by creating a more comfortable, allergy free sleeping environment.  They might discuss their concerns over possible sleep apnoea or research products for the relief of sleep disordered breathing.  The snorer might try to understand the impact of sleep deprivation on their non-snoring partner. Listen to them – stories of tiredness and irritability at work, fears over their career and even sleepiness when driving.  Do not risk their health through an avoidable lack of sleep.  Take the lead in trialling products to help you both find the healthy, restorative night-time sleep you both need to be at your daytime best.

Snoring is a particularly difficult one for couples because it happens when neither partner is best placed to help the other.    The problem that occurs at night, is best sought out in the day. Just remember, there is no SEP in a strong relationship, unless it stands for ‘sharing every problem’.



Declare Your Independence From Snoring

Independance -blog (002) 


The 4th July in the USA is Independence Day.  On this day in 1776, 13 American States formerly finally broke their long relationship with Great Britain.

Britain and the Colonies had not been speaking for some time and the two were drifting apart in culture, outlook and ambitions.  Countries and individuals are not all that different.

Strong relationships depend on talking.  Talking at its best means being together in your own safe place and for couples this often means the bedroom.

A self-evident truth – you  need better quality sleep

Bed is when you and your partner talk about what matters most.  The 4th July Declaration lists the ‘self-evident’ truths vital to the successful pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

The fact that one partner’s snoring drives the other to a separate bedroom is a self-evident truth for all too may British and American couples.  If you are sleeping in separate rooms, your need for better quality sleep is self-evident too. 

Stop snoring, sleep soundly, stay strong

Snoreeze believe you should not have to choose between your relationship and your sleep.  With a little help from the Snoreeze range of snore relieving nasal and throat sprays, lozenges, oral tablets and the resuable Snoreeze oral device for very loud snoring and sleep apnoea, you can help your partner to stop snoring. 

Assured of a full night of quality sleep, you and your partner can look forward to that time of talking that builds a strong relationship in your daily pursuit of life, liberty and happiness – together.







The A-Z of living with a snorer

Living with a snorer who won't treat their problem is frustrating.  Show this A-Z to the snorer in your life and let them know what you go through each night!


A - Alarm

A thing of the past.  It’s completely redundant as you’ve been awake all night anyway.

B - Bedtime blues

That feeling you get as you climb in to bed, knowing that a good night’s sleep is a mere fantasy.

C - Couch

Sure the couch isn’t as comfy as your bed. But at least you don’t have to share it with a hibernating bear.

D - Denial

The stage your partner seems stuck in.  Them?  A snorer?  Never!

E - Ear plugs

The industrial strength ones they use on airfields.  They can block out a low flying plane, but not your partner.

F - F words

You are normally polite and well mannered.  But after the 5th time being woken up, you go from Queen Elizabeth to Brian Blessed in an instant.

G - Groundhog Day

If your life was a film, this would be it.  The same thing every night.  But without Bill Murray.

H - Herbal tea

Aromatherapy, meditation, counting sheep.  Nothing will help you fall asleep before snore o’clock.

I - Insane rage

You’re pretty sure you loved your partner before you went to bed.  But the red mist has descended and are on the verge of filing for divorce at 2am.

J - Jealousy

You are jealous of your single friends who get to sleep alone.  Jealous of the man opposite you on the train who sleeps in his seat.  Jealous of your partner snoring away.

K – Kick, elbow, pinch, repeat.

Your nightly choreographed routine for trying to stop your partner snoring.

L - "Light sleeper"

Oh, gosh!  How silly of you! It’s not your partner’s snoring that’s the problem, it’s that you’re a light sleeper. 

M - Marriage

That silly contract you entered in to before you realised your partner moonlighted as a bulldozer.

N - Naps

You’re pretty sure they’re the only reason you can function right now.  That, and caffeine.

O - Orthopedic mattress

The one you spent £300 on, thinking it would give you a good night's sleep. Not doing much when you're sleeping on the sofa.

P - Pillows

What you once saw as a comfortable place to lay your head now seems more appealing as a weapon to suffocate your partner with.

Q - Quiet

The blissful split second between snores when you try to kid yourself that the snoring has stopped.

R - Real life

That thing you're so tired you’ve completely lost touch with.  Is that ketchup on your shirt?  Did you forget your dentist appointment?  Who even cares?

S - Spooning

What other couples do; something you couldn’t even dream of, for fear of a burst ear drum.

T - Torture

Did you know sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture?

U - Undead

Looking like an extra from The Walking Dead has become the norm.  And you’re past the point of caring.

V - Video evidence

The only way to prove to your partner that they snore.  And they will still find a way to deny it.

W - Wine

Lots and lots of wine.  Surely there is no other way to successfully fall asleep next to a snorer than to pass out drunk?


Exactly what your partner is going to become if they do not SHUT UP.  Your ex.

Y – “Yes boss, I WILL work that night shift”

Just so you can sleep in the day when your partner isn’t home.

Z - Zzz

The noise you wish you were making, but fear you may never, ever make again.

Want your partner to stop snoring? You're not alone!

Think you're the only one struggling to sleep next to a snorer?  Think again!

Snoring can not only ruin your night's sleep, but can have a huge impact on your physical and emotional state the following day, too.

Check out our latest infographic and get the facts about snoring.  Share it with your snoring partner and let them know how their night-time noisiness is affecting your life!

Snoring Infographic - The Facts About Snoring


Head over to our 'Diagnose Your Snoring' page to find the right snoring relief product for you or your partner.


3 couples, 1 week, 0 snoring!

As part of National Stop Snoring Week (20-25th April), we decided to run a Facebook competition - the Snoreeze Good Night Challenge

3 couples worked with us to end their snoring nightmares and get a good night's sleep.  The couples had used our products during the week and rated their sleep out of 10.  The prize for the couple who made the most progress was £150 to spend at Next, so there was a lot at stake!  

Click the names below to see how each couple got on:



Debbie and Stuart

Debbie and Stuart have 6 children, but both snore.  We knew straight away that we wanted to help them as children can be so demanding, even when you have had a good night's kip!


What products did they use?

We spoke to Debbie and after a few quick questions, decided that both her and Stuart's snoring was multifactoral - caused by vibrations in their throats, and made worse by finding it hard to breathe through their noses at night.  We sent them some Nasal StripsNasal Spray, and Oral Strips in the hope that the combination of products would help to solve their problem.  (If you'd like to see what products would be best for you, visit our Diagnose Your Snoring page.)


Did it work?

Debbie and Stuart tried the Nasal products alone at first, and managed to get some really good results.  But, we knew things could improve even more if they tried the Oral Strips, too.  We weren't wrong as Debbie said they had a 'flawless night's sleep' and she was 'amazed'.  

Debbie even cheekily combined her score cards to give the Snoreeze products 11/10 one night.  We were so happy that the products worked so well for Debbie and Stuart and decided to award them a runners up prize of £75 of Next vouchers!Snoreeze Product Review

Georgina and John

Georgina got in touch and told us she was keeping John awake night after night with her snoring.  We wanted to help them to both sleep through the night and show people that your mornings can be so much happier when you have slept well.


What products did she use?

We spoke to Georgina and decided that like most people, her snoring was caused by vibrations in the back of the throat.  We sent her some Oral Strips to try as they are a favourite with our customers.  Later on in the week we sent Georgina a Throat Spray to try too, and this was her personal favourite! (If you'd like to see what products would be best for you, visit our Diagnose Your Snoring page.)


Did it work?

Georgina tried the Oral Strips first, and although they stopped her snoring and left her husband 'happy and well rested', using a strip wasn't her preferred method of stopping her snoring.  However, when Georgina used our Throat Spray, everyting slid perfectly in to place.  Georgina described the spray as 'very easy to use' with a 'lovely minty flavour', and she scored her sleep a 10/10 - perfect! We loved how entusiastic Georgina was about taking part in the Good Night Challenge, and we awarded her a runner up prize of £75 of Next vouchers!

Does Snoreeze work?


Gemma and Stefan

When Gemma entered the competition, she told us that her husband sounded like a 'warthog' at night, and that between his snoring and being woken by their newborn baby, sleep was a struggle!  We wanted to help Gemma to get the sleep she deserves, and to encourage Stefan that relieving his snoring would be beneficial for them both.


What products did he use?

We spoke to Gemma and decided that like most people, Stefan's snoring was caused by vibrations in the back of the throat.  We sent Stefan a Throat Spray to use throughout the week. (If you'd like to see what products would be best for you, visit our Diagnose Your Snoring page.)


Did it work?

Gemma admitted to being skeptical about whether a simple spray could stop Stefan from snoring, but we were happy to hear that she was pleasantly surprised! Gemma even went as far as saying she had no use for the spare bed, because she was now happy to share a room with Stefan without needing to escape his snoring! We loved Gemma's creative take on reporting her scores to us and she was awarded first prize of the £150 Next voucher!

Will Snoreeze work for me?

We really hope that all 3 couples continue using the products, and can finally say goodbye to snoring and hello to great sleep and happy mornings!

The bedroom nightmare giving women sleepless nights

In our most recent survey, carried out by YouGov, a massive 93% of UK women in relationships have said that their partner snores at some point.

Snoring is often laughed off as a bit of a joke; but 75% of women with snoring partners admitted that the problem has some sort of effect on their life or relationship.

Of the 75% of women that say their partner’s snoring has impacted on their life:

  • 26% say they have gone to bed first in order to get to sleep before their snoring partner
  • 87% say that they have shook, nudged, or kicked their partner to silence them
  • More than 3 out of 10 (31%) admitted sleeping in separate bedrooms in order to get a good night’s sleep
  • 9% even admit that they have considered putting a pillow over their snoring partner’s face while they sleep

Snoring can cause many problems not because it disturbs the snorer, but because it disturbs their partner. 

  • 59% of women say a disturbed night’s sleep leaves them feeling irritable
  • 33% say it leaves them emotionally sensitive
  • 24% say they feel resentful towards the person that has disturbed them

Looking at these statistics, it is no wonder that snoring can cause so many relationship issues.  Despite this, only 13% of women with a snoring partner said they or their partner had ever purchased a snoring relief product.  This means that there are a lot of partners across the UK being disturbed, and a lot of relationships left to suffer. 

What can I do about snoring?

Step 1 – figure out why you (or your partner!) snore in our about snoring section

Step 2 – learn how snoring risk factors can be avoided by making small lifestyle changes

Step 3 – make Snoreeze products part of your bedtime routine to provide relief from snoring

Every relationship has its problems, but snoring doesn’t need to be one of them.  There are products out there to ensure that you will only be kissing goodnight to each other, and not your relationship


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