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Will you still want to go to bed with them when they're 50?

There's nothing worse than drifting off to sleep, only to be woken by your partner letting out a growl like a hibernating bear.  Snorers are no fun to share a bed with, and statistics show that snoring is a problem that becomes much more common as we get older. 


How common is it?

The Snoreeze survey carried out by YouGov found that 68% of 18-24 year olds in the UK have a partner that snores at some point.  However, the figure skyrockets to 91% for those over 45!  

Almost half (48%) of those aged over 45 said they feel irritable the next day if their sleep has been disturbed.  Of those aged 45+ with a snoring partner:

  •  70% said their partner’s snoring has had an impact on their lives somehow
  • 58% said that they have shaken, nudged, or kicked their partner in order to stop their snoring
  • 26% said they had slept in a separate room to get a better sleep
  • Only 11% had ever purchased a snoring relief product – meaning that there are a lot of partners across the UK still struggling to sleep


 Why does getting older have an effect?

There is no one simple cause for snoring.  The main reason people snore is because of relaxed muscle tension in the upper airway.  This causes the airway to narrow and the soft tissues to vibrate, creating the irritating snoring sound. 

As we get older, a general loss of muscle tone takes place all over our bodies.  This is even true for the muscles in our throat; meaning the tissues are more likely to vibrate,  making us all more likely to be snorers!  


 What can I do?

Being overweight, drinking alcohol, smoking, and some prescription medicines can all cause snoring, so some lifestyle changes may help you or your partner to sleep more quietly.

Snoring relief products such as throat sprays, oral strips, and throat rinses can provide a solution for the majority of snorers.  They tone and lubricate the soft tissues, reducing or preventing snoring for up to 8 hours.  View our products page to see what Snoreeze product is right for you or your partner.

Every relationship has its problems, but snoring doesn’t need to be one of them.  Small lifestyle changes and snoring relief products can help to make sure that your bedroom doesn’t become a noisy nightmare.



The bedroom nightmare giving women sleepless nights

In our most recent survey, carried out by YouGov, a massive 93% of UK women in relationships have said that their partner snores at some point.

Snoring is often laughed off as a bit of a joke; but 75% of women with snoring partners admitted that the problem has some sort of effect on their life or relationship.

Of the 75% of women that say their partner’s snoring has impacted on their life:

  • 26% say they have gone to bed first in order to get to sleep before their snoring partner
  • 87% say that they have shook, nudged, or kicked their partner to silence them
  • More than 3 out of 10 (31%) admitted sleeping in separate bedrooms in order to get a good night’s sleep
  • 9% even admit that they have considered putting a pillow over their snoring partner’s face while they sleep

Snoring can cause many problems not because it disturbs the snorer, but because it disturbs their partner. 

  • 59% of women say a disturbed night’s sleep leaves them feeling irritable
  • 33% say it leaves them emotionally sensitive
  • 24% say they feel resentful towards the person that has disturbed them

Looking at these statistics, it is no wonder that snoring can cause so many relationship issues.  Despite this, only 13% of women with a snoring partner said they or their partner had ever purchased a snoring relief product.  This means that there are a lot of partners across the UK being disturbed, and a lot of relationships left to suffer. 

What can I do about snoring?

Step 1 – figure out why you (or your partner!) snore in our about snoring section

Step 2 – learn how snoring risk factors can be avoided by making small lifestyle changes

Step 3 – make Snoreeze products part of your bedtime routine to provide relief from snoring

Every relationship has its problems, but snoring doesn’t need to be one of them.  There are products out there to ensure that you will only be kissing goodnight to each other, and not your relationship


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