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Dark Chocolate and Sleep Go Hand-in-Hand this Valentine’s Day

Are you a chocolate lover? Great news: eating dark chocolate could help you get a better night’s sleep.

Choccy Insta

Researchers at Edinburgh and Cambridge Universities have found that high levels of magnesium in dark chocolate can help people maintain healthy biological rhythms. In human cells, magnesium levels rise and fall in a daily cycle, and the mineral has been shown to help support a healthy 24-hour clock. It also affects the cells’ rate of metabolism throughout the day.

So, treating yourself to a few pieces of dark chocolate could help you stay adapted to the rhythms of day and night – and this leads to better-quality sleep. But more often than not, snoring can still be an obstacle for people trying to achieve a full night’s sleep.

The good news

Luckily, snoring can be prevented. There are many options available to help restore peace to your bedroom. Nasal Sprays and Nasal Strips provide relief from snoring caused by congestion, and Throat Sprays and Oral Strips target the main cause of snoring – they work by lubricating the soft tissues at the back of the throat.

Even more good news

Do you want to say sorry to a partner you’ve kept awake for months? Do you want to treat yourself to chocolate and great sleep? Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and we have five tote bags packed with Choccywoccydoodah treats to give away. Each bag includes a selection of dark chocolate goodies, and a Snoreeze Throat Spray, Nasal Spray, Nasal Strips and Oral Strips.

To be in with a chance of winning, simply follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Like and share our competition post, and leave a comment telling us why you’d love to win a Snoreeze/Choccywoccydoodah goody bag. (Terms and conditions apply. This competition is open across multiple social media channels. Entries close at midday 12th February.)


3 couples, 1 week, 0 snoring!

As part of National Stop Snoring Week (20-25th April), we decided to run a Facebook competition - the Snoreeze Good Night Challenge

3 couples worked with us to end their snoring nightmares and get a good night's sleep.  The couples had used our products during the week and rated their sleep out of 10.  The prize for the couple who made the most progress was £150 to spend at Next, so there was a lot at stake!  

Click the names below to see how each couple got on:



Debbie and Stuart

Debbie and Stuart have 6 children, but both snore.  We knew straight away that we wanted to help them as children can be so demanding, even when you have had a good night's kip!


What products did they use?

We spoke to Debbie and after a few quick questions, decided that both her and Stuart's snoring was multifactoral - caused by vibrations in their throats, and made worse by finding it hard to breathe through their noses at night.  We sent them some Nasal StripsNasal Spray, and Oral Strips in the hope that the combination of products would help to solve their problem.  (If you'd like to see what products would be best for you, visit our Diagnose Your Snoring page.)


Did it work?

Debbie and Stuart tried the Nasal products alone at first, and managed to get some really good results.  But, we knew things could improve even more if they tried the Oral Strips, too.  We weren't wrong as Debbie said they had a 'flawless night's sleep' and she was 'amazed'.  

Debbie even cheekily combined her score cards to give the Snoreeze products 11/10 one night.  We were so happy that the products worked so well for Debbie and Stuart and decided to award them a runners up prize of £75 of Next vouchers!Snoreeze Product Review

Georgina and John

Georgina got in touch and told us she was keeping John awake night after night with her snoring.  We wanted to help them to both sleep through the night and show people that your mornings can be so much happier when you have slept well.


What products did she use?

We spoke to Georgina and decided that like most people, her snoring was caused by vibrations in the back of the throat.  We sent her some Oral Strips to try as they are a favourite with our customers.  Later on in the week we sent Georgina a Throat Spray to try too, and this was her personal favourite! (If you'd like to see what products would be best for you, visit our Diagnose Your Snoring page.)


Did it work?

Georgina tried the Oral Strips first, and although they stopped her snoring and left her husband 'happy and well rested', using a strip wasn't her preferred method of stopping her snoring.  However, when Georgina used our Throat Spray, everyting slid perfectly in to place.  Georgina described the spray as 'very easy to use' with a 'lovely minty flavour', and she scored her sleep a 10/10 - perfect! We loved how entusiastic Georgina was about taking part in the Good Night Challenge, and we awarded her a runner up prize of £75 of Next vouchers!

Does Snoreeze work?


Gemma and Stefan

When Gemma entered the competition, she told us that her husband sounded like a 'warthog' at night, and that between his snoring and being woken by their newborn baby, sleep was a struggle!  We wanted to help Gemma to get the sleep she deserves, and to encourage Stefan that relieving his snoring would be beneficial for them both.


What products did he use?

We spoke to Gemma and decided that like most people, Stefan's snoring was caused by vibrations in the back of the throat.  We sent Stefan a Throat Spray to use throughout the week. (If you'd like to see what products would be best for you, visit our Diagnose Your Snoring page.)


Did it work?

Gemma admitted to being skeptical about whether a simple spray could stop Stefan from snoring, but we were happy to hear that she was pleasantly surprised! Gemma even went as far as saying she had no use for the spare bed, because she was now happy to share a room with Stefan without needing to escape his snoring! We loved Gemma's creative take on reporting her scores to us and she was awarded first prize of the £150 Next voucher!

Will Snoreeze work for me?

We really hope that all 3 couples continue using the products, and can finally say goodbye to snoring and hello to great sleep and happy mornings!


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