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5 sleep tips you can learn from your kids

A huge part of parenting is about teaching your children the valuable lessons you've learned in life.  But when it comes to sleep, it seems kids have got it sussed!  

Check out the top 5 sleep tips you should be learning from your little ones.


Have a nap

In the UK, afternoon naps reserved for toddlers and the elderly.  Unless your workplace is incredible, asking your boss if you could have a nap would result in a big, fat “no”.  When in actual fact, everybody should be embracing the lunchtime siesta!  An afternoon snooze can really help to put the spring back in your step.  Make sure to set an alarm though; if you nap for over 30 minutes, your body will think you've turned in for the night and you'll wake up drowsy.

Will having a nap ruin my sleep?


Read a bedtime story

‘The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep’ has been all over the news lately, and appears to be some sort of literary sleeping potion for small children.  But, what about us grown-ups?  The truth is that reading almost anything can help you drift off to sleep.  Just make sure your reading is old school – using a real book, and not a tablet.  Tablets, smartphones, TVs, and other devices can give off a blue light.  This light can stop our bodies producing the sleep hormone; melatonin.  So, instead of your ebook helping you drift off, you'll actually feel more awake. 


Rise with the sun

Only parents understand the utter horror of a child yelling “GET UP” while physically prising your eyelids open at 6.03am on Sunday morning.  But, the kids have been right all along; getting up at sunrise is great.  It’s natural.  It’s evolutionary.  It can revolutionise your morning routine.  Now, unless you’re your own boss, waking up at sunrise might prove difficult in the winter months when the sun doesn’t rise until mid-morning.  There are alarm clocks available that mimic sunrise, waking you blissfully…before even the kids are awake!


Embrace bath time

Life is so rushed that not many of us take time out to relax in the bath.  But, if you struggle to fall asleep, the bath could be your secret weapon. As you sit soaking in the tub, your body temperature rises.  The cool-down period your body goes through when you get out helps to relax your body and get it to the prime temperature for sleep.   


If you're tired...GO TO BED!

We send the kids to bed as soon as the first yawn appears, but we don’t play by the same rules ourselves.  Your body is designed to let you know when it needs sleep, and holding your eyelids open at 3am to reach the end of your TV episode just isn’t wise.  However, if you’re getting 7 or 8 hours of ‘good’ sleep a night and still feeling tired during the day, it could be an indication of health issues. 

How can you tell if children are getting enough sleep?


Daytime sleepiness can be a sign of sleep apnoea, a condition where your airway closes at night for up to 10 seconds at a time. This repeatedly stops airflow to your lungs, meaning you wake lots in the night (usually without realising) and don’t get the oxygen you need to feel refreshed.  The condition is usually accompanied by loud snoring.  If this sounds like you, check out our Snoreeze Oral Device website and see how our discreet mouthpiece could help you get your energy back! 


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