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Vital Statistics and Snoring

Body Statistics


Everyone should check their critical measurements to find out if their weight is impacting their efforts to stop snoring or is in fact making the problem worse!


Overweight and obesity is measured on a scale called the Body Mass Index (BMI).  A measurement of fat stored in your body.  If you have a high BMI it definitely will not help!


Excess fat puts pressure on your body’s system when you sleep.  Fat around your neck causes the airways of your nose and throat to collapse, constricting the airways.  The extra effort just to keep breathing causes the side of your airways to rub harshly together, making the sound we know as snoring.


Your collar size is also an indicator.  Research shows that women with a collar size of more than 16 inches and men with a neck size of more than 17 inches are more likely to suffer the more serious snoring disorder called Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA).  OSA is being linked to many serious long term diseases including heart attack, stroke, diabetes and dementia.


Getting close to a normal range BMI is the one top tip from the NHS to stop snoring.  Anything that helps you to keep you breathing freely and easily whilst you sleep will help relieve your snoring problem.  Snoreeze can help.


Snoreeze nasal and throat spray; directly targeting snoring caused by colds, allergies or a block nose.  A unique blend of effective ingredients ease congestion and soreness for easy breathing and a peaceful night’s sleep.


Just like the breathing aids used by athletes, Snoreeze nasal strips help and support the nostrils.  Keeping your nostrils open helps air to flow more easily in and out of your nasal passages.


For loud snoring and the relief of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, the reusable  Snoreeze Oral Device stops your airways collapsing whilst you sleep.  Keeping your jaw in the best position for easy breathing, the tissues are prevented from rasping together ending your snoring problem.




Snoreeze is the market leading in snoring relief.  20 years of active involvement in OTC healthcare underpins our response to the changing healthcare needs of customers in the UK and beyond through innovative product development.



Declare Your Independence From Snoring

Independance -blog (002) 


The 4th July in the USA is Independence Day.  On this day in 1776, 13 American States formerly finally broke their long relationship with Great Britain.

Britain and the Colonies had not been speaking for some time and the two were drifting apart in culture, outlook and ambitions.  Countries and individuals are not all that different.

Strong relationships depend on talking.  Talking at its best means being together in your own safe place and for couples this often means the bedroom.

A self-evident truth – you  need better quality sleep

Bed is when you and your partner talk about what matters most.  The 4th July Declaration lists the ‘self-evident’ truths vital to the successful pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

The fact that one partner’s snoring drives the other to a separate bedroom is a self-evident truth for all too may British and American couples.  If you are sleeping in separate rooms, your need for better quality sleep is self-evident too. 

Stop snoring, sleep soundly, stay strong

Snoreeze believe you should not have to choose between your relationship and your sleep.  With a little help from the Snoreeze range of snore relieving nasal and throat sprays, lozenges, oral tablets and the resuable Snoreeze oral device for very loud snoring and sleep apnoea, you can help your partner to stop snoring. 

Assured of a full night of quality sleep, you and your partner can look forward to that time of talking that builds a strong relationship in your daily pursuit of life, liberty and happiness – together.







Winner of Boots Vitamin Awards: 2017

This year, Boots’ customers voted Snoreeze Nasal Strips Large (20) as their favourite snoring support product.

Boots -Award

Snoring is one of the most common causes of sleep disturbance –  as many as 1 in 4 people in the England snore regularly – and it can be very distressing both for the snorer and their partner. With Snoreeze Nasal Strips, the snorer simply applies a single strip across the bridge of their nose. The flexible bands gently open the airways and improves airflow to provide an effective snoring relief for up to 8 hours. Strips are available in sizes small/medium and large.

In addition to Snoreeze Nasal Strips, the Snoreeze range includes Throat Spray, Lozenges, Oral Strips, Throat Rinse, Nasal Spray and the latest Snoreeze Oral Device.


To find out more, please visit your local Boots store and see their fantastic in-store offers.

Thanks for taking part in the Boots Vitamin Award’s this year and as always – sweet dreams.

Snoreeze Team

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