Sleep Problems: Snoreeze's Quick Fix Guide For A Better Nights Rest

Do you find yourself tired and irritable in the morning? Then you're probably not getting enough sleep. We found out that 61% of females have a snoring partner and 58% of men share a bed with a snorer, too. That's a lot of people across the UK with disrupted sleep. Then there are people who find themsleves too wound-up to shut their brains off, ending up lying awake for hours - with their thoughts. But, you can imrpove the quality of your sleep with a few minor changes to your night time routine. Read below for some handy quick fixes for a better nights rest.


Something we should be doing more of but who really has the time to fit in any exercise? We're busy... well that's my ecuse. A lot of us can hold our hands up, too, with that one - I hope. Being overweight by only a few kilograms can increase your changes of snoring. If you exercise for only 20 minutes a day - that's enough to see results (with a balanced diet, of course). Getting into shape could save your relationship. Who wants a snoring partner, really? You'll look your best, feel your best and will have worked hard enough with exercising you'll fall a sleep a lot sooner. It's a win-win.

Bed & Pillows

Are you finding yourself dozing off on the couch more or drifting off when Eastenders is on? Maybe your bed isn’t as inviting as your coach is. Your bed is arguably the most important piece of furniture you need. You should get the best you can afford. Investing in a good mattress and some new fluffy pillow will make going to sleep the pleasure it really is – and it can last you a lifetime. Make your bed as inviting as possible, and you will soon be looking forward to sleep.


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